Gardening Workshops with Rooftop Farmers Square Mile Farms

Paddington Central Garden Workshops:  Free & open to all

Take part in our free harvest workshops hosted by urban farming experts Square Mile Farms.  These workshops are open to everyone and will focus on tips for growing fresh produce at home and in the workplace and cover a range of topics from how to build your own planters, growing plants from seed, caring for your plants and when to harvest.  

Covid-19: Due to Govt. guidelines of meeting outdoors, a maximum of 5 people can attend each workshop.

Introduction to soil
Wednesday 12th May (Fully Booked)
& Wednesday 7th July: 1pm - 2pm

Location: Community Garden

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This workshop will include a comprehensive introduction to soil. Why it is important to us now and in the broader context to climate change. What is soil composed of? How to build up good quality soil for growing food. We will also use some techniques to work out what type of soil we are working with (Mason Jar technique and Soil Texture test).

In this workshop we can also discuss why we mulch our raised bed, for water retention, less soil compaction and added nutrients over time. We will then proceed to lay compost mulch onto the community garden bed (if the workshop is at the end of the growing season).

How to grow microgreens
Dates: Wednesday 26th May & Wednesday 21st July: 1pm - 2pm
Location: Rooftop Farm / Community Garden

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In this workshop we will teach participants about microgreens and their unique health benefits and taste. We will learn what they are, how you can use them in cooking and then plant microgreens. We will also offer grow kits for participants to take home and grow. 

Growning at home tips
Dates: Wednesday 23rd June & Wednesday 4th August: 1pm - 2pm
Location: Community Garden

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This workshop will break down my top tips on how to grow at home. The workshop will define some key terms so we know the differences in the edible and house plants that we are growing, things like annual, biennial, perennial, deciduous, evergreen, hardiness. We will also learn what we can expect when we grow plants in the North, East, South and West sides of our homes or gardens and the characteristics of these spaces.  We will discuss different tools and techniques you can use to make your life easier, like automatic irrigation. 

The end of the workshop will open to a group discussion, with any questions our participants have with their growing at home queries.

Book all workshops sign up via the Square Mile Farms website.

The Paddington Central Community Garden

Bringing together Education, Ecology and Community.

The Paddington Central Community Garden is a partnership between Paddington Central Businesses and the local community.  Proudly sponsored by Wipro Limited and supported by Kingfisher, the Paddington Central Community Garden will engage people of all ages in the health and wellbeing benefits of plants. Wipro Limited is a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company headquartered in Bangalore, India with offices at Paddington Central.

This new green space will play host to local schools and community groups helping them to learn about the importance of (and take an active part in) local food production, healthy eating and action. 

Hear the students from Queens Park Primary talk about their learnings and Kishan, from Wipro CSR Head of UK & Ireland.


It’s somewhere people can grow food, meet, enjoy and learn new skills and with bird boxes, bug hotels, sedum roofs and pollinator-friendly plants to attract birds, butterflies and insects, it’s something truly special. 
Installed in November, the garden has been sponsored by Wipro and is supported by Kingfisher, Square Mile Farms (our rooftop farmers) and Willerby Landscaping. 

The Paddington Central Community Garden garden aims to inspire young people through the power of plants via a series of agriculture workshops led by Square Mile Farms and to create a space that’s enjoyable and attractive to visit. The garden will also help to boost work, rest and contemplation while contributing positively to the environmental quality of our neighbourhood. 

We have workshops planned for children from a local school and also will be holding workshops for the public to join once a month where all can learn about sowing, planting and harvesting. 

Paddington Central Bird Boxes

The Apex Bird Box 

There are five of this style of birdbox on campus.  It has a smaller entry and is installed at a medium height in the trees, which typicaly attracts smaller birds like Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits and House Sparrows.


The Diamond Bird Box

There are 10 Diamond bird boxes on campus which are for smaller birds and attract Robins, Wrens, Pied Wagtails and Spotted Flycatchers.


The Classic Bird Box

There are five of these types of Bird Boxes on Campus.  These are installed higher up in the tree and attracts slightly larger birds.









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