The Sessions at Storey Club

Get creative, nurture your wellbeing, explore new cultures and more in our on-going programme of events, The Sessions at Storey Club, located in 4 Kingdom Street.

The programme, which launches in January 2020, will provide events that are open to all, including creative classes such as jewellery making and evening art sessions, to workshops using greenery to improve your wellbeing, drink tastings and more. So what's coming up?

Make Your Own Fern Terrarium - 21 January, form 6.15pm
Did you know the fern in New Zealand represents new life and new beginnings? What better class to start the new year and kick off The Sessions at Storey Club with a workshop to make your own tropical fern terrarium. We've teamed up with Leafage who'll guide you through the therapeutic process of building your terrarium, which are perfect for Londoners without gardens wanting to bring nature inside. 
Tickets: £25*
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Traditional Tea Ceremony to detox & glow - 22 January, from 6.15pm
Celebrate Chinese New Year and detox after the festive season at this traditional tea ceremony - one of the latest wellness crazes to hit London. In this intimate session, you will use the medicine of tea for flushing out the toxins from the body, quieting the mind and turning inward. The Tea that will be used in the ceremony will be Puerh - fermented aged tea from the wild ancient tea trees in Yunnan, China. The session will be lead by professional, Lera, from T-Lovers. 
Tickets: £15*
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Bespoke Jewellery Making with CAST Jewellery - 29 January, from 6.15pm
Get your creative juices flowing in this therapeutic workshop where you'll carve bespoke earrings, a pendant, ring, cufflinks and more into wax. The CAST experts will help with some design inspiration before sending your finished piece off to be CAST in solid silver. Your accessory will then be posted back to your address three weeks later, just in time to make a perfect, thoughtful gift for Valentine's Day. 
Tickets: £20* (includes welcome drink on arrival)
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Zero Waste Skincare Workshop - 30 January, 1-2pm
We've partnered with Zero Waste Mindset to bring a fun, interactive skin care workshop where you'll discover all the secrets of making zero waste natural beauty products at home that avoid the need for single use packaging. During the workshop you will learn about the benefits of and how to use plant oils for a natural and rejuvenating skincare routine. You will discover which oils are best for your skin type, learn about the oil cleansing method and have the opportunity to blend your own face balm and hand cream, which you can customise using different essential oils. (Plus, all products are organic, vegan and cruelty free!). 
Tickets: £10*
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Leafage Office Succulent Workshop - 4 February, from 6.15pm
Leafage return in February for another green-fingered workshop, where they'll show you how to create a beautiful and low-maintenance open terrarium with succulents and cacti, a perfect miniature Sahara desert for urban (and desk!) dwellers. It'll be an office accessory your colleagues will be jealous of! 
Tickets: £25*
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Build an indoor herb garden - 6 February from 6.15pm
Did you know indoor herb gardens benefit both you and your home? They add key nutrients into your diet and have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, whilst herbs such as rosemary and parsley are great for purifying the air in your home. Square Mile Farms (who have a rooftop farm here at Paddington Central) will run this hands on workshop where you'll learn how to build and maintain a herb garden for any living space, using fresh herbs from their farm. 
Tickets: EARLY BIRD OFFER - book before 31 Jan for £20* tickets (usually £30)
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Valentine's Chocolate making - 12 February, 1-2pm
Love is in the air, celebrate Valentine's Day with this fun, one-hour lunchtime workshop, where you'll be shown how to craft your own chocolate to gift to a loved one. You'll learn how to professionally decorate chocolate using fine piping techniques (taught by the Head Chef of Storey Club, Csaba), whilst enjoying a cup of Storey Club's famed single origin hot chocolate by Kokoa Collection.
Tickets: £20*
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Paint & Sip Experience - 18 February, from 6pm
In this 2-hour evening workshop ART SIPPERS will help you to create your own canvas painting with step by step instructions from one of their resident artists. You'll unwind with drinks after work whilst you learn new skills and painting techniques, meet new people and create your own masterpiece to take home. There's no experience required.
Tickets: £35* (tickets include welcome drink on arrival)
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Mindful Chocolate Tasting - 20 February, from 6.15pm
Using the principles of mindful eating and professional chocolate tasting, you will be guided through a gentle meditation that utilises different flavoured chocolate. Chocolate is an exciting ingredient with even more flavour complexity than red wine, making it the perfect ingredient to explore in this way. The session will also include an overview of mindfulness and an introduction to taste and the ancient practice of mindful eating - and why it's so important in our busy modern world. This unique session will be run by Zero Waste Mindset. 
Tickets: £17.50*
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Wine Tasting - 25 February, from 6.15pm
We've partnered with Bennett Hay, the caterers behind Storey Club and their wine supplier, Majestic Wines, to take you on a tour of wine. Their expert somelier will give you 3 red and 3 white wines to try whilst expertly leading you through your journey teaching you how to taste wine and the new vs the old world. 
​​​​​​​Tickets: £20*
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Learn How To Ferment - 27 February, from 6.15pm
Did you know that fermented foods are rich in beneficial probiotics and are associated with a wide range of benefits such as improved digestion and stronger immunity? A wide variety of foods can be fermented - yoghurt into kefir, cabbage into sauerkraut and fruit into kvaas - to name a few. We've partnered with Square Mile Farms (who have a rooftop farm on site) to deliver a hands on introduction to fermenting. In the workshop you'll make your own ferment in a jar using produce directly from their farm, plus recipes and instructions to continue your fermenting journey at home.
​​​​​​​Tickets: EARLY BIRD OFFER - book before 31 Jan for £20* tickets (usually £30)
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