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Katrina Adams

Katrina Adams is a printmaker and visual artist, whose practice is deeply informed by the joyful clash of diversity, shapes and people and places in her surroundings. Known for her vividly abstract two and three-dimensional artworks which feature geometric shapes and a refined colour palette, Katrina’s work explores the relationships between shapes, composition, and their graphic language. Having graduated from the University of Glamorgan with a degree in Behavioural Sciences and with a successful career in social housing, Katrina took a break to bring up her three children. Katrina then came to a career in the visual arts following an adult learning course in printmaking in 2014. Katrina is making her initial step to recovery from a traumatic brain injury sustained in 2020. Katrina is getting back to being creative however is now living and working in a much more introspective way, studying a Foundation in Art Psychotherapy.  

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