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Busk in London


Busking is a vital part of London’s cultural life and it is an important part of many artists’ careers. Without it London’s cultural scene would be severely diminished. We've teamed up with Busk in London to showcase some of the capital's brightest and best buskers here at Paddington Central.

All artists will be playing between 12-2pm in the Sheldon Square ampitheatre (relocating to Bishop's Bridge if it's raining).


Nicola Hogg 18 July
Natalie & Joey 20 July
  Ky Lewis 25 July
Divided Soul 27 July
Cash Cows 8 August
Hattie Briggs 10 August
The Luck 15 August
Edmund Jeffrey 17 August


Ky Lewis 22 August
Joey Oscar 24 August
Chasing Deer 29 August
Divided Soul 31 August