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Free Fruit Friday is back! But where do all the lovely apples, peaches and plums come from?

Free Fruit Friday fruit box

The final Friday in May, June, July and August is a real treat for all the fruit-lovers out there. Our Paddington Central helpers will be handing out a selection of fresh free fruit across campus.

But where does our free fruit come from? We caught up with Simon Edgar from our supplier Edgar’s Fruits to find out.

“We use our local markets and local produce where we can,” says Simon. “Kent is the garden of England so we try to take all of our apples, pears and plums from there when they’re in season. Our strawberries are either from Chichester or Kent.”

Some of the free fruit on offer is a little more exotic, so Simon sources it from Europe and beyond. “We get kiwis, satsumas, oranges and grapes from Europe. Then our bananas are Fair Trade and they come from all over the world.”

The free fruit from Paddington Central is available from 8am until it’s all gone – and if you’re a citrus fan, you may want to act fast. “I think satsumas and clementines are the favourite fruit of the year,” says Simon. “During the summer peaches and nectarines are popular too.”

Grab your free fruit on 26 May, 30 June, 28 July, 25 August.

Paddington Central worker grabs some free fruit