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Shades of Summer


It’s well documented that colour can boost your energy levels and improve your mental wellbeing. Here at Paddington Central, from Sheldon Square and beyond, we have a series of site-specific art installations to do just that. Why not take a short stroll over lunch or at the weekend and soak up the colour-infused atmosphere this summer?

Make a start in Sheldon Square where we are proud to transform the steps of our amphitheatre to reflect our #PaddingonPride. Bold and graphic, this statement design encompasses the qualities we feel embody Pride: life, healing, vitality, nature, serenity and spirit. As part of British Land, we are participating in the London Pride parade this year, in partnership with the Albert Kennedy Trust.

While in Sheldon Square, don’t forget to take a look at Ptolemy Mann’s colour-infused installation; set inside the lobby of 3 Sheldon Square, this vibrant and shimmering artwork A Ray of Colour and Light was inspired directly by our waterfront setting and the natural planting in and around Paddington Central. Look up to experience the soothing and reflective evocation of the surrounding natural elements, the white tones referencing sunlight and a flowing breeze. 

3 Sheldon Square, Paddington Central | Ptolemy Mann & PDP London

Next stop is Colour Transfer, our latest creative addition to Paddington Central located underneath the Westway Viaduct. Created by British artist Liz West, this dazzling site-specific sculpture embodies the artist’s connection to volume and shape and also reinforces her strong belief in the positive impact of colour to enhance lives. Co-ordinated by our Art Curator, Rosie Glenn, this artwork was installed by M3 Industries during June of this year.

Colour Transfer by Liz West at Paddington Central, commissioned by British Land; image courtesy Liz West; photograph © Jason Bailey Studio

Strolling back along the canal-side towards Paddington Station, take in Darcie & May Green, the two floating dining destinations created by British Pop Art icon, Sir Peter Blake. Abundant in his trademark motifs, these exuberant designs are contemporary evocations of his iconic oeuvre. Launched on campus during autumn last year, the barges provide the perfect place for a quick coffee, a leisurely lunch or after-work drinks.