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Sheldon Square or Silicon Roundabout?

Do you know your Kingdom Street from your Kingsland Road? Your Paddington from your Haggerston? Take our test to find out which hipster icons are where

1. Gourmet coffee

Any coffee connoisseur knows the only way to enjoy your favourite beans is in a flat white, long black or, even better, a pour-over. Here’s a special hand-roasted blend, served as a classic flat white and available alongside vegan nut smoothies and avocado on charcoal bread. But is this cup of java made in West or East London?

2. Trendy boutiques

You’ll find hipster emporiums in Paddington and Haggerston. With tell-tale taxidermy, a hygge scattering of throws and tasteful prints on the walls, the style is unmistakeable. You can pick up all sorts of trendy zines and independent journals at this haven of modern retail therapy. But where is it?

3. Shared working space

Millennials don’t want to spend their working lives shackled to the same desk from nine to five, Monday to Friday. Work might mean perfecting an Instagram campaign, scouting for talent or hosting a film screening, as in this cool shared workspace pictured below. Is this trendy crew hanging out on Kingdom Street or Kingsland Road?

4. Food market

Formal dining is so over – we’re all about food carts. But are we living in a post-kimchi world? Is raclette the new ramen? Can you ever have too much halloumi? Discover the answers to these questions and more at this local street food market. Is it in Shoreditch or Sheldon Square?

5. Craft beer

Craft beer is as hard to define as it’s easy to drink. What we do know is that there’s a proliferation of independent microbreweries producing lagers, ales and stouts with pun-laden names and illustrated labels – and here’s the thing, many of them are excellent. But is this eclectic bar set-up in W1 or EC2?

6. Cycle haven

Hopping on a fixed-gear, single-speed, Dutch-style or road bike is the coolest way to travel around London. As anyone who’s ever tried to find bike parking in the city centre knows, the trendiest parts of town are easily identified by their excellent bike provision. Has this cool guy been cycling along the Paddington canal or the Haggerston canal?


  1. 1. Beany Green, Paddington Central
  2. 2. Kioskafe, Paddington
  3. 3. Central Working, Kingdom Street
  4. 4. KERB, Sheldon Square
  5. 5. The Chapel, Chapel Street
  6. 6. Paddington canalside

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