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Six of the best... health-boosting lunches

Looking for a healthy lunch that won't leave you hungry by 3pm? Here are six of our favourites.

So you made it through the dark days of dry January – maybe you even tried Veganuary – and you’re probably feeling quite proud of yourself round about now. But what about the rest of the year?

Here are six tasty and nutritious lunches to help keep those good intentions in check well into the brighter days of spring.

For a post-gym boost
Aching after a lunchtime session at the gym? Satisfy your body’s craving for amino acids (which help to build and repair muscles after a workout) with Tossed’s brand new Persian protein power bowl. Featuring hot supergrains, spicy tomato sauce, coconut yoghurt, pine nuts and a refreshing cucumber, mint and pomegranate relish, top it off with chicken, halloumi, tofu or falafel. 

From £5.79
Tossed, 10 Sheldon Square

Tossed - protein power bowl


For exciting salads
Craving a burrito but want to stay virtuous? Poncho8 have you covered with their salad box; it’s essentially a tortilla-free burrito. Each box is prepared from scratch, so you can choose from chicken, beef, pork or seasonal veg and add whatever dressing that takes your fancy. Chillies famously contain more vitamin C than oranges, so the boost to the immune system is just one of the reasons why we can’t resist their spicy salsa chipotle roja topping.

From £5.90
Poncho8, 12 Sheldon Square

Poncho8 - burrito salad box


For seasonal vegetables
Kebabs aren’t always the first things that spring to mind when thinking of healthy meals, but Massis's chargrilled chicken with a mild garlic sauce – Shish Taouk – and a side of roast seasonal vegetables tick all of those boxes marked healthy, nutritious and delicious. They’ll probably give you a pile of freshly baked flatbreads too – enjoy!

Shish Taouk £15.50, mixed roast veg £4.75
Massis, 9 Sheldon Square

Massis - Shish Taouk and mezze


For seeing off those winter bugs
If you’ve spent the last few weeks trying to shake off that cold that’s been doing the rounds, you’ll probably be craving something warm and comforting. The new spicy Korean pork’rice dish is your go-to solution. Outdoor-reared pulled pork, brown and red rice, seasonal greens, gochujang (a savoury and pungent fermented paste made from red chilli, glutinous rice, fermented soybeans and salt) broth and fresh ginger means you’ll be feeling your old self in no time.  

Spicy Korean Pork'Rice £5.39
Itsu, 9 Sheldon Square

Itsu - Korean Pork'Rice bowl


For a Friday feast
While they may be famed for their dim sum, make some time to explore the rest of Pearl Liang’s menu. Their signature dishes including hand-dived scallops and steamed sea bass with ginger and spring onion are all you need to get in the weekend mood.  

Fish priced at seasonal market prices.
Pearl Liang, 8 Sheldon Square

Pearl Liang - sea bass


Finally, if you've fallen off the wagon
For post-night out comfort food, look no further than Beany Green’s Shakshouka – delicious baked free-range eggs with spiced tomatoes and labneh. It’s served on charcoal bread which, according to Beany Green co-founder Prue Freeman, contains magical hangover-curing properties: the alkali in the charcoal reportedly neutralises the excess stomach acid brought on by overindulgence. Genius!

Shakshouka £10.50
Beany Green, 6c Sheldon Sqaure

Beany Green