King Solomon Academy Sixth Form Book Appeal

King Solomon Academy is defined by their mission to provide all pupils the choice at 18 years of age to attend a selective university.  King Solomon have the highest aspirations for thier students, with many becoming the first member of their family to go to University. 

In order to build on this success, this September they will be moving into a new Sixth Form building. This will provide a space where pupils can work hard and capitalise on all they have achieved at KSA so far.

However, they want it to be more than just a space.  They want the new Sixth Form building to inspire their students to look outwards and to imagine their future, at University and beyond.  To do this, King Solomon need our help to provide the students access to resources they would not have seen before.  Access to books to broaden their horizons, books to delvelop into subjects they could study at University and books to prepare them to get there.

Types of books needed:

  • Any A level textbooks
  • Popular subject related books e.g. Undercover Economist, Richard Dawkins etc.
  • Wider enriching texts e.g. autobiographies, current affairs, wider interests
  • University level texts
  • Academic magazines e.g. copies of the Economist, Nature etc.

How can you help

 If you, or anyone you know has any books or magazines which you would be willing to donate, King Solomon would be hugely grateful.  Donations will be collected from Paddington Central 2 Kingdom Street Reception in Summer 2020, which will then be delivered to our school. 

Drop off address

Paddington Central, 2 Kingdom Street, London, W2 6BD

If you would like to explore other ways of helping the school, please email Camilla Al-Hariri: 

Visual of King Solomon's Sixth Form Building 


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