12x3 Gym

Sheldon Square

12x3 is a proper boxing club, for all-comers not just fighters.

With real coaching and conditioning methods – from elite-level boxers and coaches – 12x3 prioritises six key areas of training: speed, stamina, strength, footwork, timing and mindset – to provide an invigorating total-body workout in less than an hour. 

Choose from four intense workouts:

  • Gloves On: a non-contact, total workout including bag work, drills and circuits. With 12x3 rounds, this is the complete package.
  • Gloves Off: a pure strength and fitness class based on a boxer's training plan. No gloves, just hard work and dedication.
  • Ring Craft: an old-school boxing coaching class, for those that want to develop as a boxer. Be prepared for light contact.
  • Personal Coaching: make the most of your time at 12x3 with a tailored boxing and fitness programme delivered by your own personal coach.

"12x3 have taken the boxing trend up a notch, offering gruelling boxing classes with former boxers".
The Independent

Sign up today and get ready to jab, bob and weave your way to new levels of fitness and confidence.

19 Sheldon Square
Paddington Central
W2 6PY
Monday - Friday
6am - 9pm
Saturday - Sunday
8am - 2pm
30 days for £30
30 days for £30

Take advantage of TwelveThree’s amazing offer of 30 days’ access to all group classes for just £30Whether you’re a novice or heavyweight pro, TwelveThree’s classes cater to all levels of experience and their coaches are equipped to provide you with the best training to suit your needs.

This offer is valid at the Paddington branch and available only to new members.