Pot a plant for a calmer, happier desk

Give your desk some love with one of our free potted plants.

As part of our Urban Eden campaign and to celebrate World Planting Day on Tuesday 21st March, we’re giving away plants that will transform your workspace.

Choose from calming, soothing lavender (which improves sleep and lessens stress headaches), chlorophytum comosum AKA spider plants which purify airborne toxins or soothing aloe (not only will its green leaves lessen eye strain but you can use its gel for any office first aid emergencies). 

Head down to Sheldon Square from 11am and embrace a greener desk for spring.

Discover which plant is best for your desk here.

Photo credit: Giulia Bertelli


21st March 2017
11.00 - 15.00


Sheldon Square