11 amazing bee facts for World Wildlife Day

As part of our Urban Eden campaign for spring, we’re giving away packets of wildflower mix to help bees in the city on Friday 3rd March to celebrate World Wildlife Day. Here's why they need your help...

  • The bee is 25 million years old.


  • UK bees are in serious danger due to a possible mix of factors: insecticides in farming, loss of flower-rich habitats, disease and wet summers stopping them from searching out pollen. 

  • We need bees to pollinate agricultural crops - it’s estimated they’re worth 14.5 billion euros to the EU economy.


  • The honey bee has five eyes and can see ultraviolet light.


  • It can dance to show other bees where to find food.

  • Bees are the only insect in the world that makes food which humans can eat.


  • A bee colony can include 60,000 workers - but only one queen.


  • A third of all the plants we eat have been pollinated by bees.

  • The honey bee's wings stroke incredibly fast, about 200 beats per second, creating their recognisable buzz. 


  • You can adopt a hive here and get your very own honey for less than £30 a year.

  • Bees do not have knees.


Photo: Nemichandra Hombannavar

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