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Paddington Central is part of one of London’s most exciting communities: from restaurants and bars to our innovative companies and occupiers via our close links with local charities and initiatives, it’s one of the most inspiring, innovative and exciting neighbourhoods in the city (even if we say so ourselves). Which is why we’re so excited to support the new, free, virtual gateway into the worlds of advertising, tech and media: The Ad-Cademy.

If you’re aged 18-25, from an under-represented background and searching for a new career read on to find out why The Ad-Cademy could transform your future:

Keep an eye out on the Paddington Central website for news of a new AD-Cademy intake in October 2021

Meet The Ad-Cademy?
Created by industry experts, The AD-Cademy course delivers real-world knowledge and supports fresh talent into paid placements and positions. It’s curated by Brixton Finishing School, an award-winning employability project with outstanding success in placing talent from underrepresented backgrounds into jobs at big-name organisations.

Why it’s so important
The AD-Cademy’s aim is to dismantle systemic barriers to entry, including race, class and location. For too long, the media industry has been ‘lopsided’ – dominated by a single type of voice (white, male, privately educated, from south-east England). The AD-Cademy seeks to create balance by building an alternative route to success. The AD-Cademy is that route.

Do you fit the bill?
If you’re aged 18-25, from an under-represented background and are keen to break into the advertising, tech and media industries, then this could be the first step you’re looking for.

Media and advertising is vast, so whatever you are passionate about, there are roles that will suit you. Many entry-level roles are vocations – no prior experience or degree is needed – but the industry is well paid with excellent benefits and career prospects. 

All types of talent are welcome – particularly those with STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) backgrounds, as there is a shortage of talent for well-paid roles with excellent progression potential in the paid media industry.

How can it help you?
AD-Cademy wants to inspire you to get started in the creative industry, by showing you that it’s fun and exciting to be part of. The course is free and you’ll receive training from experts and be filled with the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed, including:

  • Expert industry knowledge
  • Live Q&As
  • Students are paired real world mentors
  • Top agency roles and placements await successful graduates

How do I register?
Through AD-Cademy’s free eight-week online course, you’ll develop all the relevant skills needed in order to boost your employability and take on the wonderful world of advertising.

Register today.

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Keep an eye out on the Paddington Central website for news of a new AD-Cademy intake in October 2021.

About Brixton Finishing School
Brixton Finishing School has outstanding success in placing London talent from socially mobile/or variety of cultural backgrounds in roles at big name organizations. They are now calling out for talent from across the UK to join them. They want you to discover the many roles that advertising offers and take the first step towards a meaningful, well paid career.


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