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Green Space | Photography by Mark Diacono | Paddington Central

Looking to re-energise this Spring and connect with outdoor living?  Take a look at our new photography exhibition Green Space, by Mark Diacono on display at Paddington Central until 26th April.  Our art curator, Rosie Glenn, chatted with Natalie Menzies, our Communications & Events Manager, about the themes and inspiration behind the works -

Natalie: Rosie, Mark’s allotment themed photographs look amazing here at Paddington Central. What drew you to these works?

Rosie: Thank you Natalie.  Well, I knew we wanted to showcase inspirational pieces which would help us think about the environment and also encourage us to try our hands at growing some food or flowers. I’m not a gardener myself but, looking through the images, could see Mark’s immediate connection with the settings and the people captured, every one with a unique story to tell.

Natalie: Yes, that’s very clear, I love the image of Beyda with her grandson in their Cypriot inspired allotment.  

Rosie: That’s a lovely one isn’t it, actually I’m really captivated by the dahlias in Flower Power! Also, Mark is an award-winning photographer and these works offer a real visual feast.     

For instance, the sumptuous colours and textures of the plants and gardens saturate every shot - look at the vibrant yellow and green tones of Artisan Ingredients or the combination of red and orange in Upcycling. Actually, it’s not only the colour but also the compositions which are so successful – for example, the strong vertical and horizontals of the signs in Route 332 contrast with the softer spreading plants; also look at Stress Relief – the diagonal train line leads the viewer’s eye right through the photograph, almost splitting the piece into two halves – the top half with blue sky and a few clouds only, whilst the bottom half teems with abundant produce.

One other thing to consider is the mix of close up and wider panoramic shots, through which Mark has offered a real mixture of crisp close ups and slightly hazy, drawn out views. The yams in the foreground of Sharing seem to be growing within the photograph, looking at it I feel as if I’m walking through Glandel’s allotment to greet him.

Natalie: Thanks, lots to look at, I think I will call by over lunch and take another look. 

Rosie: Yes, do. Also take a look at Mark’s website  He runs photography classes (and more!) from his sustainable freeholding in Devon and teaches about capturing plants and gardens in varying seasons using a variety of techniques.

Green Space by Mark Diacono is at Paddington Central until 26th April.

The photographs on display were published by Pavilion Books to illustrated their publication My Cool Allotment.

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