Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 8th - 14th February 2021

It’s National Apprentice Week, an annual celebration of apprenticeships and the impact apprentices have on individuals, employers, and the economy.  We want to shine a light on the amazing work being done by our Apprentices at Paddington Central.

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Apprentice: Mohammed Ahmed
Apprenticeship: Team Leading level 3 
Start Date Sept: 2018 
Completion Date: April 2021

Why did you choose an Apprenticeship
The reason why I choose an apprenticeship is because I want to gain the practical experience along with my knowledge of the workplace and the job role. Once I finished my A-levels I always wanted to work so that's why I applied for an apprenticeship to gain knowledge, build new skills sets and get paid with the learning I receive.

What are the benefits/impact the apprenticeship has had on your life/career goals?
The benefits I have gained while doing the apprenticeship is that I gain so much knowledge of the industry I’m working in, along with practical experience. My knowledge and skill set has improved from when I first started my apprenticeship and carry on improving now. The apprenticeship ghas helped me build strong relationships with my Team, Manager and the Client.  Also, it is helping me choose the career path I want to go for.

Why would you recommend it to others?
Apprenticeship is another career tool of getting the dream job you want. While doing the apprenticeship you gain so much knowledge and use that to get your qualification. The learning never stops and it helps you a lot in what you want to achieve and where you see yourself in the next 3 years.

What’s the best thing about working at Paddington Central?
Everyone in the workplace are really friendly. They are very welcoming and I enjoy working there everyday.

Employer - Principle Cleaning Services

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Why are Apprenticeships so important to your business?
Apprenticeships provide a tangible pathway for a career in our sector. It gives the individual great exposure to a professional working environment and allows them to develop business skills that cannot be taught in a classroom. 

How have your Apprentices supported the business through the pandemic?
Our apprentices, like all of our staff have provided essential services in a period of uncertainty like no other. With cleaning being classed as a key worker, the need for supportive and proactive staff has never been greater, and our apprentice Mohammed has been just that, working tirelessly for 9 weeks without annual leave during the first lockdown, showed incredible dedication, and is an asset to Principle. 

Can you share a story of your apprentice’s achievements/ development through their apprenticeship?
Mohammed has successfully taken on the role of H&S champion, leading the way for instilling a positive health and safety culture for all of the cleaning team at Paddington Central. Delivering safety toolbox talks and ensuring the team are supported with all of their safety needs, this role has become vital to the success of the delivery of service over the past 12 months.  

Mohammed has been with Principle Cleaning Services since September 2018 and is due to complete his apprenticeship Level 3 in Supervision and Team Leading in the next 2-3 months. Mohammed lives in Westminster. 


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Amir Trabelsi 
Bright Lights, Starting out in Building Services Graduate - 2019

Bright Lights is our skills and employment programme. It helps people of all ages and abilities discover their potential and grow, through pre-employment training, work placements, graduate schemes, internships, apprenticeships, and job fairs. This all helps secure the skills our business, customers, suppliers and local communities need to thrive in the future.

Amir is a graduate of our 2019 Starting out in Building Services Pre employment programme. On completion of the programme, Amir secured employment with our on site Security team Axis.

Why is the Starting out in Building Services programme so important to your business?
I chose the Bright Lights Programme to enable to me find a job and build a career by developing all the skills needed and gain important qualifications such as First Aid , Customer Service and conflict management

What are the benefits/impact the programme had on your life/career goals?
The main benefit is building a life long career in the security industry and making new friends.

Why would you recommend the programme to others?
I recommend it to others because it gives a wide range of opportunities available in different sectors such as Security, Engineering and Reception. I have been given support all through my journey that has helped me develop and progress into a better person and a better Security operative.

What’s the best thing about working at Paddington Central?
Paddington Central is a great environment to work in, very professional employees and great people to work with.  Every day is different and always new challenges to overcome. Pre-covid Paddington Central was a very lively entertaining place where lots of different types of people visited. Meeting new people from different backgrounds and being able to help them is a good thing. 

Employer - Axis Security

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Why are Pre – employment programmes so important to your business?
It is a good way to get to know an employee before offering full time employment. It allows you to assess the candidates qualities and skills. This then gives us the opportunity to ensure the candidate is right for the role and also can lead to the candidate being matched up to a different site or position that he/she is more suited for. What is most important is that it gives the candidate an insight on the job role and gives him/her the opportunity to decide if it is something they want to pursue within their career.

How has Amir supported the business through the pandemic?
Amir has adapted to his role at Paddington Central extremely well and has brought a new dimension to the team. Being able to speak multiple languages, Amir has assisted with members of the public who have not been able to speak English. Language barriers are something we experience very often and having Amir around gives the team confidence that they can get assistance for someone they was not able to do before.

Can you share a story of your apprentice’s achievements/ development through their apprenticeship?
It has been year now since Amir joined us at Paddington Central. It has been a very good year for Amir, he has excelled in all aspects of his job description. Amir has become a very strong member of the team and is at the stage where he is pushing for the next step. Ever since Amir joined he has been thrown into the deep end and has never been scared off a challenge.

Most recently Amir was due in for work as a Security Officer but due to unforeseen circumstances Amir was stepped up to cover the out of hours Supervisor role. I personally briefed him on an issue we were facing with vandalism from the previous morning, 20 minutes into his shift Amir spotted something on CCTV. It was later revealed that Amir had caught the person who had vandalised 2 locations at Paddington and subsequently prevented another incident. This sort of vigilance is what we look for and it is a great example to the team. I will continue supporting Amir through his development and I am looking forward to seeing where next year will take him. 

An opportunity for a Supervisor role has become available at Paddington and Amir did not hesitate to apply. He has been slotted into this role on a trial basis with the aim to promote him to this role. Amir is attending a Supervisor course in February held by Axis Security


Click here for more information on the British Land Bright Lights skills and employment programme.

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