Kids Night Out at LEGO Mini Engineers

Mini-Engineers is very excited to announce a new series of LEGO workshops at their iLab in Paddington Central. The Kids Night Out LEGO Workshop series is geared towards children who are 5+ years, and have parents who are looking for an excuse to have a nice, relaxing and peaceful dinner on their own.

These workshops take place once a month on a Saturday evening from 6:15pm to 8:15pm at the pop-up Mini-Engineers iLab in Paddington Central. Parents drop their children off (already fed) at the Mini-Engineers iLab and then go have a relaxing dining experience at one of the numerous restaurants at Paddington Central.


Saturday 25 May - Aeroplane and Airport Runway Build
Saturday 22 June - London City in the Summer
Saturday 20 July - Moon Landing (50th anniversary)
Saturday 17 August - Under The Sea

To book a space, please click here.


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