New York-themed diner HUCKSTER to open at Paddington Central

A new all-day dining and drinking destination inspired by the late 1980s lower Manhattan street scene is opening its doors in Paddington Central in early June.

Alongside a coffee shop that's perfect for breakfast and brunch and a bar serving exceptional cocktails and US craft beers, there are also an array of delicious retro-NYC street food outlets including:

  • RUMBL: posh chips for a discerning crowd, tossed with thyme and seasoning and served with some outrageous toppings.
  • Crooked Peel Pizza Co: fresh made slow rise sourdough from a secret recipe giving a delicious and slightly chewy crispy bite to your pizza
  • True Burgers: farm-fresh chuck and short-rib burned to perfection – juicy and full of flavour – in a glazed-seed brioche bun
  • Wonton Willy: daily-made Vegan broth, fresh Chinese veg, natural flavours and gluten-free vegetarian gyoza.
  • Bubble Gods: crazy, beautiful and – most importantly – delicious Hong Kong street food dessert of matted waffle eggs served with rich ice cream and a thousand different toppings.


HUCKSTER will also offer bookable areas perfect for groups, including a karaoke bar and a graffiti-covered NY subway car. All the grit and glamour of 1980s Manhattan, complete with a DJ-led 80s and contemporary pop soundtrack.

4 Kingdom Street, Paddington Central, W2 6AE