Rosie Glenn, art curator at Paddington Central

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we highlighted the work of women who are active in the community in and around Paddington Central and are an inspiration to others.   

Meet Rosie Glenn, a fine art consultant and curator who can offer high quality advice on commissioning, sourcing, buying and selling contemporary fine art. Rosie curates the art work we have here on the Paddington Central campus.

Rosie took over our Instagram, especially for International Women's Day.

If you want to really experience a day in the life of Rosie Glenn, you can see it here.

Would you have considered yourself a role model for Women of Paddington?

It really is a privilege to be invited to join this conversation about the positive difference women can make in business and the community.  I’ve known the area for some time now and have uncovered quite a few historical figures – and art relating to them – in the area, including pioneering nurse Mary Seacole’s Portrait Bench. She’s a great female role model for the area!

How do other women inspire you in your work?

Through their commitment and creativity.

What inspired you to pursue this career? 

I've always loved art and language and found I had an immediate connection to art history when studying art at school. I love engaging with people to talk more about paintings and sculpture and enjoy the positive impact art can bring.

What does a day in the life of Rosie look like? 

My days are so varied. Sometimes I'm at my desk going through insurance valuations and paperwork; other days I'm at an artist's studio talking about an upcoming exhibition, followed by a museum visit with a school group.

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance? 

By taking time out. I enjoy exercise and spending time with my family. And, strange as it sounds, visiting galleries!

What have you found to be the most rewarding aspects of your career?

The most rewarding aspects of my career are working with community groups and school pupils. I love enthusing others about their creativity, giving them confidence in their abilities and also using conversations about art to reach out to people and engage further. It's the fact that art can have such a meaningful impact on life that helps me continue with my role.

What does the term Paddington Community mean to you? 

Everyone. Anyone who works here, lives nearby, calls in for coffee or drops by for a class. 

How long have you been a part of the Paddington Community?

For some time now. Five years or so.

What have been the major changes that you’ve seen at Paddington in your time?

I've seen some really positive changes, we have a great public art trail around the neighbourhood and also Message from the Unseen World, a fabulous piece of Alan Turing-inspired public art at Paddington Central.

How do you feel Paddington has allowed you to connect with the community?

Working with the art department at nearby Westminster Academy has has been a real bonus for me. I’ve been able to spend time with the students at the school and at various museums and art fairs.  

What do you feel that the Paddington Community can offer to women? 

Paddington offers a place for women to relax and to uncover new creativity and events.

How important do you feel the further development of Paddington Central is to the community? 

This is a great oasis at the heart of the city providing an important source of wellbeing for workers and also a great focal point for communities.

What advice would you give to your younger self when first starting your career? 

Look and listen. Take as many small opportunities as you can, do them well and they will often lead to bigger things!

What do you think the definition is of a Woman of Paddington?

Someone who’s making the most of being in this vibrant area of London and furthering the development of the community.

What can other Women of Paddington do to make a positive impact to our community? 

Get involved! Maybe at St Mary’s or with other groups. Also inspire young girls and women to make the very best of their world.

How will you be celebrating International Women's Day this year?

It’s a busy day but I’m going to make a real point of seeing some art by British icon Bridget Riley!

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