Six of the best... gourmet coffees

Searching for a coffee shop you can rely on for your early morning caffeine fix? Look no further than Paddington Central’s thriving coffee scene.


Beany Green
4 Sheldon Square, Paddington Central W2 6EZ

On the canal side of Sheldon Square, Beany Green brings the best of Australian coffee culture to Paddington. Their house blend – roasted exclusively for them by The Roasting Party in Winchester – is available as an espresso, Americano, piccolo, macchiato, flat white, latte or cappuccino. If you’re hungry, take a look at some of the wonderful things they serve on charcoal toast – their shakshouka is legendary.


Department of Coffee and Social Affairs
Unit 4, 2 Kingdom Street, Paddington Central W2 6BD

The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs is very serious about its coffee. The way they see it, if a restaurant can tell you where your meat or veg is sourced from, why shouldn’t they be able to do the same for your coffee beans. Utterly delicious, their coffee is single origin – sourced from a single producer, crop, or region in a single country – and always scores 80+ as graded by the Specialty Coffee Association. They have their own roastery in east London to ensure their own very high standards are maintained.


Meal Ticket Café
19 Sheldon Square, Paddington Central W2 6PY

Looking out over Sheldon Square’s grassy amphitheatre, Meal Ticket Café is the place to get delicious specialty coffees from the London-based Caravan coffee roaster and, if you’re into froth, the milk comes fresh from the Estate Dairy in Somerset. Located right next to 12x3 Gym, this is the perfect place to refuel after a gruelling workout – and you’ll find plenty of healthy salad options alongside freshly prepared hot food, sandwiches, fancy pastries and cakes.


CanDo Coffee
Paddington Station

Found on the towpath of the Paddington Basin branch of Regent’s Canal (look out for a small black trailer and a pink bin), CanDo Coffee is a social enterprise that enables disadvantaged people to find jobs by training and employing them. While that's undoubtedly a good thing, they also serve a fantastic cup of coffee. CanDo uses an espresso blend supplied by Monmouth including beans from Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala that will get your day off to a great start. And rest assured, every ingredient is ethically sourced.


Coco di Mama
2 Kingdom St, Paddington Central W2 6BD

At Coco di Mama, they’ve taken the very best elements of Italian coffee and made a few small updates using the latest technology and methods. They serve up Allpress coffee – roasted nearby in Dalston – and use freshly ground beans for every cup. The result is a rich dark powerful roast, designed to kick start, tune up or re-energise your day. And, if what you’re craving isn’t on the menu, just let your barista know and they’ll make sure your coffee is exactly how you like it.


Unit 53, Merchant Square W2 1AS

Fika is an essential part of Swedish culture. Literally translated, it means ‘to have coffee’ but it’s more about slowing down and taking a break to simply appreciate the good things in life. Part of that, of course, is enjoying excellent coffee so KuPP serve their own ethically sourced seasonal espresso (a blend of Brazilian paraiso and Colombian marianela with notes of toasted almond and caramel) and a filter rich in red apple, hazelnut and brown sugar.

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