Why you need to embrace the games room...

Here are 5 reasons you really should embrace regular downtime. 

1) Have a screen rest

The human brain can’t focus on one thing for a long period of time because we are biologically hardwired to react to changing circumstances (eg keeping an eye out for prehistoric predators while looking for the best nuts and berries).

So the best way to keep your brain in tip-top condition is to give it a break. A 2011 study from the journal, Cognition, discovered that regularly taking breaks from a task will actually mean you’ll finish it more quickly and efficiently.

2) Moving just keep moving

We’re not designed to be sedentary - by getting up and moving away from your desk just a few times a day, you’ll keep your blood and oxygen moving. Meanwhile, a 2014 Stanford study discovered that walking at work improves your creativity by up to 60%.

3) Welcome to the play offs

For adults, play has been shown to release stress, up our endorphins, improve brain function and improve our connections with others. As founder of the US National Institute For Play, Stuart Brown, explains, “We are designed to be juveniles as part of our primate design as Homo sapiens. When we honor that design, we tend to be more communal and healthier.”

4) A room of one’s own

In 2007, Google was named the top company in the world to work for by Fortune. With free haircuts, $500 takeout food for new parents and free shuttle buses from San Francisco to its Silicon Valley HQ, the company pioneered staff-retaining perks including breakout lounges with pool tables and arcade games. It launched a revolution: YouTube now has a bright red slide in San Bruno; Air BNB’s casual seating areas recreate the feel of different cities (coffee in Reykjavik anyone?) while Adobe’s Utah office has its very own climbing wall.

5) Take a break

Along with the ping-pong tables around Paddington Central, our new games room features a table with a twist... Do not underestimate its benefits: you’ll improve your hand-eye coordination and keep your reactions sharp - there’s a reason ping-pong is nicknamed “the brain sport”. And don’t even get us started on the joy of air-hockey…

Photos: Carl Heyerdahl, Daniel Cheung