Your Wellbeing

Tips for Wellbeing

Your wellbeing should always be a priority, but perhaps more so than usual in the current circumstances.

We want to take a moment to share some helpful suggestions for how you can look after yourself. We'd also like to share your tips and recommendations. Contact us at and let's help each other adjust to our new normal.

Take regular breaks

Whether it's to grab a snack, step into the garden, go for a walk or to do some yoga, stepping away from your workstation (kitchen table perhaps) is vital, especially when it is so easy to just keep staring at the laptop.

Work up a sweat

Without your usual commute to get the blood pumping in the morning, staying active could slip down the priorities list. Keeping your mind and body active will help maintain the equilibrium while your world is off-kilter.

Send us your updates and help us complete this page of tips.

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