Film & TV Locations at Paddington Central

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Film, TV, adverts and news… Paddington Central is one of the UK’s go-to locations for global production companies and brands.

You can spot us in films and TV such as The Bourne Legacy (2012), Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016) and Cleaning Up (2019). We’ve also played host to brands for high-profile commercials and photoshoots including Mizuno and Next.

Locations and buildings

  • Kingdom Street 
    A green, woodland-filled thoroughfare framed by high, modern buildings

  • 2 Kingdom Street 
    A bright, colourful atrium

  • 4 Kingdom Street  
    Atrium and 10th floor rooftop basketball court with views across London

  • Sheldon Square 
    A picturesque ampitheatre framed by modern buildings and restaurants

  • Canalside 
    Views along the Regent’s Canal provide the backdrop to this versatile space

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Charlie Grout-Smith
Account Manager, Collective Locations, The Collective