Making a difference at Paddington Central

From the Community Garden to Fruitful Wednesdays

Paddington Central is at the heart of one of London’s most uplifting communities thanks to our links with the local people, charities, social initiatives and projects that work together to create a place that helps to inspire and make a difference for everyone.

From seasonal celebrations including Pride and International Women’s Day to year-round support for local charities including PiP and The Mosaic Community Trust, it’s these connections that make our neighbourhood so special. 

Whether you want to volunteer or donate in 2022 or just want to find out about different projects and charities that Paddington Central supports, here are some of the ways we’re working together and how you can get involved. 


Support Fruitful Wednesdays

Fruitful Wednesdays at Paddington Central has come to an end

The @fruitful_pip team serves up fresh orange juice, fruit and smoothies from the bike on Fruitful Wednesdays at Paddington Central. Part of a collaboration with PiP (@pursuingindependentpaths), our long-standing community partner which supports adults with learning disabilities to achieve their potential and move towards independence, it’s a great way for PiP trainees to gain invaluable life, communication and vocational skills and play an active place in our community and boost your vitamin intake too. 

Fruitful Wednesdays


Visit our Community Garden

Kingdom Street is home to the biodiverse Paddington Central Community Garden which hosts local schools and community groups helping them to learn about the importance of (and take an active part in) local food production, healthy eating and action.
It’s somewhere people can grow food, meet, enjoy and learn new skills while bird boxes, bug hotels, sedum roofs and pollinator-friendly plants attract birds, butterflies and insects. The garden has been sponsored by Wipro and is supported by Kingfisher, Square Mile Farms (our rooftop farmers) and Willerby Landscaping

Community garden at Paddington


Volunteer with Care 4 Calais 

In December 2021, we collaborated with the charities Calling London and Care 4 Calais* to set up a coat donation point at 2 Kingdom Street. This was to collect and distribute warm coats to over 600 Afghan refugee families being housed in Westminster (300 of whom are children). Care 4 Calais is always looking for volunteers who are able to raise funds and awareness to help support refugees in Britain and France and you can donate directly here


Donate and volunteer with Westbourne Park Food Pantry

Westbourne Park Food Pantry targets people who are struggling to pay bills or have to cut back on shopping. They are the next step on from a food bank. People sign up and become members then pay £5 but can then pick and choose items worth up to £15. The Pantry then uses the £5 to buy any basics that aren’t donated. You can donate any essential items such as tinned foods, dried goods, tea, coffee, nappies, sanitary goods, toiletries, sweets and snacks and find out how to volunteer here

cans of food at the Westbourne Park Food Pantry


Celebrating local women who are leading our community

On International Women’s Day, we profiled a number of women who are changing the world around us such as Lena Choudary-Salter, founder of Mosaic Community Trust which supports socially and economically isolated communities encouraging people from all backgrounds and faiths to learn from one another to create an enriched community. Find out more here. 


The Paddington Central Community Fund

The Paddington Central Community Fund has been established by The London Community Foundation and British Land. The Fund awards grants of up to £10,000 to registered charities, voluntary or community groups, and other not-for-profit organisations that provide projects or services benefiting the community – including young people and the elderly – in the London Borough of Westminster, with a priority on the wards of Church Street, Westbourne and Hyde Park. Find out more here.


Supporting Pride

Each year, we’re proud to support Pride and British Land and Paddington Central are working with Just Like Us, an LGBT+ charity whose mission is to empower young people to be role models championing LGBT+ equality at school and work. Last year we commissioned a documentary about the charity and set up the contactless Giving Box next to our rainbow-covered amphitheatre steps.  

Pride coloured stairs at Paddington


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