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A focus on our Community Partners

At Paddington Central, our Community Partners and Charity Organisations are extremely important to us and we work with numerous and varied organisations across the year.  We will be sharing stories of our local Community partners that are really making a difference and also how you can get involved if you can.
PiP (Pursuing Independant Paths)

PiP supports adults with learning disabilities to achieve their potential.  PiP offers a flexible and dynamic range of services, including a full range of training and education, such as literacy and numeracy, travel training, creative arts, work placements, and support into further education and employment.

PiP’s services work towards achieving the following outcomes:

  • Increasing life skills
  • Building social skills
  • Leading a more independent life
  • Improving health, well-being and self-esteem
  • Increasing social interactions within the community
  • Happiness, comfort and improved quality of life for families and carers

FRUITFUL is a new initative offering delicious juices made by the Fruitful Trainees and served with a smile.  The Fruitful stall is always looking for new locations to ‘pop-up’ so if your feel like some delicious, healthy juices you can invite PIP along to your next event or market to set up their fruitful stall.

Click here to find out more: PiP (Pursuing Independent Paths)

Click here to read our interview with PIP:  An Interview with PiP

Click here to support PiP and help raise money for their future summer trips: Purchase Tickets & Support PiP




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