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Welcome to Paddington Central: a lifestyle campus, offering an unparalleled retail experience

Designed for today’s generation of young professionals, Paddington Central redefines urban living. Nestled between the tranquillity of the Grand Union Canal and the hustle and bustle of Paddington Station, it’s where many international giants call home, including Microsoft, Visa, and Vodafone.

Looking for your next retail location? Here’s why you should consider Paddington Central:

Join a Home to Internationally Acclaimed Brands

Paddington Central is proud to host a variety of internationally renowned brands that define retail excellence in central London. As a retailer here, you’ll be in good company with:

  • State-of-the-art fitness facilities at Nuffield Health
  • Self-pour wine bar chain Vagabond Wines
  • Australian food and coffee cafe Beany Green
  • Hawaiian poke bowl restaurant Honi Poke
  • The finest Italian cuisine at Zizzi

These brands are not just retailers; they are integral parts of our vibrant local community, offering high-quality goods and services that cater to every taste and need.

Engage with the Paddington Central Community

As a Paddington Central retailer, you have exclusive access to our customer base through My Paddington Central, our digital hub.

This platform is more than an app or website; it’s the pulse of Paddington Central, keeping everyone in sync with the latest campus news and enabling you to share your newest promotions directly with the community. Plus, with a calendar brimming with art exhibits, live music, and seasonal festivities, there’s a constant influx of visitors to the campus.

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My Paddington Central

Seamless Connectivity

Strategically next to Paddington station, accessibility to the campus is unparalleled. Your store will be effortlessly reachable, supported by a network of transport links envied by many shopping centres. Our vibrant hub serves the varied needs of the 1 million people within 30 minutes of the campus, and the 120,000 people entering it each week.

Good for the Planet

We prioritise sustainability and its positive impact on the planet and local community. As a retailer at Paddington Central, you can contribute to a greener future and make a difference.

By joining our community, you have the opportunity to be a part of our commitment to creating Greener Spaces, Thriving Places, and promoting Responsible Choices.

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Retail Spaces That Stand Out

We offer a diverse selection of retail units designed to cater to your specific needs:

The Amphitheatre

The social heartbeat of Paddington Central. It’s a place to connect and unwind, surrounded by plenty of green space and seating.



Linking Paddington Station to Little Venice, the walkway beside the Grand Union Canal benefits from high foot traffic.

Kingdom Street

This street runs between our big office buildings. You can find different units in 2 and 4 Kingdom Street.

Join us at Paddington

Step into Paddington’s leading retail landscape.

For inquiries about our leasing opportunities and to find spaces that resonate with your brand’s unique narrative, reach out to us.

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